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Title: Annoying
Pairing: one-sided (or at least just one pov) Foreman/House
Author: alanwolfmoon
Rating: PG
Warnings: not much, little bit of mild swearing
Summary: House is so annoying!
Disclaimer: MINE! ALL MINE!....uh, no. Not mine.
Feedback: Reviews and flames are welcome. (They make it look like I'm writing fast)
Notes: just a drabble-y thing that basically consists of Foreman staring at House.


House does lots of annoying things.

Some more annoying than others.

And some are absolutely infuriating.

Like what he’s doing now.

Leaning back in his chair, with his glasses on, a lollypop in his mouth, and his feet up on his desk.

There’s a book resting across his thighs, and he’s twirling the lollypop with the fingers of one hand, and turning the pages with the other.

It’s absolutely maddening.

He’s supposed to be paying attention to the kids, keeping them from killing a patient who he’s pretty sure isn’t even dying to begin with, but it’s impossible when House is doing… well, *that*.

House sticks the sucker in his cheek, while he looks at his computer, typing something in with one hand, looking back and forth between whatever he looked up, and the book he’s been reading.

Then he smiles, and puts the book away, leaning back and putting his legs up once again, but this time resting his head back, as he licked the chocolate-flavored sucker, swirled his tongue around it, still with a trace of a smirk on his face.

He turned on some music, jazz, and closed his eyes, still licking the lolly-pop, still stretched out, being even more distracting than before.

Foreman suddenly realizes that he’s been staring at House for the last fifteen minutes, and that the kids have been trying to get his attention for at least three of them.

He looks at them, and Kutner is smirking, Taub is looking at him with a raised eyebrow, and Thirteen is covering her mouth.


“We know what’s wrong with the patient.”

“Good. Treat them.”

He leaves.

Because, goddammit, he needs a shower.

And House is impossibly annoying.

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This was great! I am beginning to really enjoy this pairing....

Hee, nice and distracting--your description was great in this.

Aww nice. I really loved this. I like how you described what House was doing, I'm liking this pairing :)

Nice. I really like fics that highlight House's ability to be a Multitasking Ninja, so thanks for that. :)

Love it....I can almost see Foreman glowering at House, lol.

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